Where is God?

Where is God when times get rough? When the storms of life are raging, where is God? This is the question the desciples asked when they were caught in storms on the Sea of Galilee.  In one storm, He was with them and they forgot. In another, He walked on water to reach them. Both times he responded to their cries for help and salvation.

This is the picture painted for the last days; a time of trouble such as there has never been with the underlying question, "Where is God?"

This scenario is what drives believers to a position of fear and doubt. Why would God allow His people to go through such a terrible experience?  What is the purpose of such as exercise?  It's no wonder that most Christians don't want the Second Coming in their lifetimne so that they will be spared the "discomfort" of the event!

And yet, as we can see world-wide, it is in times of discomfort and need that people turn to their Creator.  This is evidenced by what is happening in developing countries around the world.  The reason behind the explosion within the Christian church is needs.  People have serious needs.  Those needs turn the attention to God.  The events of the last days will turn the attention, dependence, and desire towards the Creator.  The "Good News" is that God has promised to cut His work short.  It will be an opportunity to see the hand of God work and experience His deliverance!

It's not a time to be afraid.  It's a time for anticipation and great joy!  A time to look up and see the glory of the Lord!