Welcome to our Church!

Our passport is grace!  The passport pages are filled with love!  Our call is to serve God and our fellow man.

If you share the dream, come sail away with us as we continue our voyage to the Kingdom.  There's always room for more!  The voyage is under way!  God is the wind in our sails!

"Consider the difference between piloting a motorboat or a sailboat.  We can run a motorboat all by ourselves.  We can fill the tank and start the engine.  We are in control.  But a sailboat is a different story.  We can hoist the sails and steer the rudder, but we are utterly dependent on the wind.  The wind does the work.  If the wind doesn't blow - and sometimes it doesn't - we sit still in the water no matter how frantic we act.  Our task is to do whatever enables us to catch the wind."

"Spiritual transformation is that way.  We may be aggressively pursuing it, but we cannot turn it on and off.  We can open ourselves to transformation through certain practices, but we cannot engineer it.  We can take no credit for it."

(Excerpts from The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg)