When Two Become One

What compels us to couple?  No, I am totally serious.  Have you really thought about it?  Some would say the chemistry of attraction.  And I would agree that is a start.  Bu if that was the only thing wouldn't we simply jump from one attraction to another.  Oh yea, I hear you already.  "That's just what some do".  You're right about that, but I don't believe most people do that.

Some of you say it is about companionship and once again I would have to agree, but I have serveral very close friends and so do most married and single people.  Some of you might suggest that we have been socialized to respond to a highly energized expectation, to which both Jesus and Paul would agree.  They taught that be renouncing marriage people would be better able to connect with and serve God.  Not the kind of counseling often given to children by their parents, but Jesus and Paul knew how compelling coupling was and is.

Here's my answer, we are driven to couple because we are desperately looking for God and many of us are aware of it!