Trust in His Love

Trust in His Love.  In the book, The Cay, 12 year-old Phillip is marooned on a Caribbean island with Timothy, a black sailor, after their ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat.  Phillip goes blind after being struck in the head by a wood beam during the sinking.  As Old Timothy prepares Phillip for a possible life on the island without him, he teaches Phillip to fish and move about the island even though he's blind.  He has Phillip eventually do all of this on his own.  It was during these times that Phillip could sense that even though it appeared that he was alone, Timothy's presence was near, just in case something went wrong.  Phillip learned to trust in old Timothy.  And this prejudiced white boy from the south learned to love an old black man from the Caribbean, and to trust in that love.


Every one of us has had an influential person in our lives that served as a kind of mentor.  It was through that person that we learned to trust.  For many, it was our mopther's love that we learned to trust in first.  Then there was a BFF that taught us we could trust in their always being there and loving us in spite of ourselves.  Hopefully, for those who are married, you have found that kind of trust in the person you are married to.


In Seven Days in Utopia, Johnny was that mentor.  He taught Luke to trust in his convictions and led him to trust in One who is of infinite worth.  Sports, and life are about so much more than winning.  It is about connecting, and trusting those we have connected with.  Sometimes we are disappointed and let down by others.  But sometimes we find a Johnny!  Who's your Johnny?  Are you someone's Johnny?