Toward a Living Word

The Bible has both a rich, fruitful history and a dark and even violent one. It has been sighted as a guide to successful living, an inspiration in the most challenging circumstances, a source of comfort in the presence of pain, and a faith builder during seasons of doubt. But it has also been used to justify some of the most oppressive and violent actions perpetrated upon the human race. It has been used to do possibly the first and worst evil, control people with the power of “thus saith the Lord”. It is my suspicion that in most cases these abusers of the Scripture are not evil men but good intentioned people thinking they are doing God’s service.

How does this misuse happen? The Bible is a living word and because of that can easily be misapplied and misused. The Bible invites our participation; it requires our interpretation. Furthermore, its living characteristics can be nullified when we approach it without humility and honesty. The Good News is that we can cultivate a relationship with the Ancient Scrolls that continuously moves us more Toward A Living Word.