Tolerance is Two-way?

Last week we discovered that tolerance is freeing-that is, being toleerant gives you freedom. Freedom from judging others and from being controlled by their judgement. Freedom to be who God calls you to be. Freedom to accept and love in ways far deeper than ever before.

Today, we want to explore the idea that tolerance is a two-way street for Christ-followers. It is interesting to realize that tolerance only comes into play when you think someone else is wrong! You don't worry about being tolerant of someone who always agrees with you. The Dalai Lama stated that the best teacher for tolerance is your enemy!

So too, Scripture teaches that we are to be tolerant of others but not expect tolerance from others. that is an important piece of truth. Don't be tolerant with the expectation of getting tolerance in return. For those who like to keep score, being tolerant will disappoint them!

When we walk in the spirit of tolerance, we can be true to who we are. Jesus was the perfect example of this as He walked through cities and countryside of Israel. He knew who He was and He never hesitated to tell who He was. He said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." His Father told Moses on the mountain that He was I AM, which means "all encompassing." God cannot be defined by words. He is the great I AM!

Tolerance is closely related to forgiveness, Since there is no perfect church, pastor, or congregation, tolerance and forgiveness are absolute necessities within a community of faith! So, for Christ-followers, tolerance is a two-way street!