The Waiting Jesus

"Why does Jesus wait?" many ask.  We may ask the question when we are perplexed by the big global problems that face our world.  We may ask when a tragedy touches the world that causes pain and suffering.  It may be a natural disaster that takes many lives or it may be a violent attack like 9/11.  We may ask when sickness takes possession of a body too young to die.  We may ask because of the accumulated effect of painful and chaotic situations.  Whatever the cause, many of us have looked at the return of Jesus as the most reasonable solution to what we are facing in this world.

But can we be honest?  These angst filled cries for Jesus to come are the result of our experience.  Can we ask another question?  Dare we ask, "What does Jesus' patience cost him?"  If we can consider this question maybe will find ourselves more in sync with The Waiting Jesus.