The Kingdom Assignment and Gifts

"Thy Kingdom come,...on earth as it is in heaven." These are Jesus' words and it was His desire.  In fact, it was His life's work on earth and He continues to work to that end now.  Kingdom theology is bigger than church theology.  Kingdom theology must be understood in terms of the whole earth.  To be linked with God the Father, Son and Spirit in His desire to bring the Kingdom to earth, we must have a global theology.  There are no boundaries that limit the Kingdom of God on this earth!  He is everywhere, praise Him for that, and where He is He brings His Kingdom.


So, how do we participate with Him to bring His Kingdom to earth?  When we try to answer that question we must start with God not with us.  What has God done and what is He doing so that we can participate with Him in bringing the Kingdom to earth?  If we begin here we are much more likely to be effective, we will see our role more clearly and seeing our role clearly our activity will be reinforced and enlarged.  Isn't that what we all want, a sense of fulfillment and significance?  The Good News is that God has already seen your participation with Him before you were born.