The god of Plan B

Not Sure how it happened, but when I was a teen I was under the illusion that there was "one" right person out there that I was supposed to find to marry.  The same was true with my chosen profession. There was one perfect job out there that God wanted me doing.  I just needed to find it, and her.

I discovered that people change jobs now every 4.1 years.  The typical marriage lasts 8 years.  Best have a back-up plan; a plan "B"

From the dawn of humanity's time, God has always had a back-up plan.  It was NOT God's plan "A" to have Adam & Eve sin and lose the Garden of Eden.  It was NOT God's plan "A" to have the Jews crucify Jesus.  And yet, He always had a plan "B" in the ready to continue His pursuit of a connected, live, and thriving relationship with His creation.

Things don't always go the way we plan and we get frustrated, judgemental, or totally check out.  There is fear involved when our plan "A" doesn't work out.

Easter is all about plan "B".  Plan "B" is built around the principle of love.  It is love that casts out fear.  It is love that forgives and gives second chances.  It is love that refuses to judge another person.  It is love that never gives up.  It is love that blesses our choices.

By the way; I found the love and blessings in the person I'm married to and in the profession I'm working in - just like God promised!