The Gift of Gratitude

We talk about the "Attitude of Gratitude" during this time of year.  It is an exercise that tends to have us focus upon ourselves.  We measure our progree by how thankful we are each day as recorded on paper or tally marks on the wall.

I would like to suggest that this year we look at gratitude as a gift and not just a behavior or achievement.  Now don't get me wrong, gratitude definitely entails behavior and is an achievement, but it should be behavior that is a result of receiving the gift of gratitude, not behavior intended to result in gratitude.

By viewing gratitude as a gift, it puts the focus upon the Giver of gifts who supplies us with truth, power and grace that is outside of our "natural" state.  If we see gratitude as an achievement, then it's something that we have attained, and it is almost independent from God.

When viewed as a gift, it is this attitude of gratitude that allows us to exercise the gift at the strangest or most unexpeced times.  I marvel when I see the gift of gratitude displayed at the funeral of a loved one.  It is compelling and attractive to those who witness it.

Gratitude also lends itself to contentment and a positive outlook.  When we figure out that we are not God, it takes a load off of us and we can get on with living with gifts that God has given and continues to give.

So today I'm asking you to receive the gift of gratitude that the Creator is wanting to share with you.