The Ecology of God - The Connection Ecosystem

The Ecology of God is so huge that we could spend the rest of the year exploring it!  What we want to do is to get a "feel" for all of the ecosystems making up His ecology.  Today, we look at the "relationships ecosystem."

There are certain principles we must understand about God's ecology.  First, God is the Designer and Creator of all of it.  His Kingdom is all about restoring His creation, and that is what He tirelessly attempts to do through us.

Second principle is that there are things we don't know!  All of us don't even know what we don't know.  That is why God is judge and we are not.

The next principle is that the whole is made up of the parts.  Like our bodies, each part has a roll to play.  When the brain says, "No!" to Krispy Kremes and the stomach says yes, the fight is on! Little does the stomach know that there is an invading virus in the respiratory system that is going to create sickness.  If the brain were allowed to do its job, the virus could be overcome!

Next, we realize that everything is connected.  According to Scripture, we're all related!  That ought to wake some of you up!  You thought everyone was related to the McKowns at WWF.  Guess what?  You were right, cousin!

Another critical principle is the representation of "house" or "home" in the Scriptures.  It's in the house that the miracle happen.  There are no homeless in God's Kingdom.  We are the house!  He lives in us.  Just imagine what happens when we get all those houses under one roof!  Hang on!  I hear the Spirit coming!