The Ecology of Abundance

Here we go!  three things you are never to discuss with someone else, especially in church, are sex, money, and politics.  We've already talked about sex and because this is an election year, you know politics will get mentioned.  So, that leaves the topic of money.

But today is about more than money.  It is about God's view of abundance.  Throughout history, currency has been a mode of exchanging needs or wants.  What started with goats, cows, and chickens now involves euros, dollars, and rubles.

Jesus was all about giving.  The word give shows up in scripture 880 times, and any form of the word give is written over 1200 times!  Giving is talked about more than love.

But Jesus' view on giving went well beyond the world's view.  Jesus taught that you can't over-give.  If x is required of you, give x + 1.  If you want to serve, lose the distraction of money and take up your cross and follow Him.  The windows, orphans, and homeless are our responsibility.


Most world's cultures and currencies don't like this teaching, but the fact is that there are enough wealth and resources in the world today that no person needs to be living in poverty!  Greed is the force that keeps this from happening.  We all suffer from it, to varying degrees, and we all will answer for it.

So why compare giving with loving?  To love someone involves giving of yourself.  In fact, Jesus stated that if we don't give of ourselves to Him, He won't know us and there will be no place in Heaven for us.  Is giving important?  You tell me.