Thankfulness Creates

We are created in God's image!  That means that we are endowed with capabilities akin to those of God.  God creates, therefore human beings also create.  God didn't make us with the capacity to create, He made us creators.  We have no choice in the matter; we will create.  We have been conditioned to equate creativity to the arts, so we think the only creators are artists like musicians, painter, architects, writers, and actors.  Not true.  We are all creators, and we are using our creative power all of the time.  The power is at work; the question is, are we using the power with intention?

None of us has mastered our creative power.  To master our creative power we must master our thoughts.  How do we do that?  Thoughts come to us at an unmanageable rate of speed.  How do we master them?  Some of our thoughts are so deeply embedded in our brains that we don't realize we have them.  That is our subconscious, and how do we possibly master that?  How can we possibly take control of our thoughts?  We can begin by understanding the creative power of thankfulness.