Standin in the Need of Prayer 

Several times in the New Testament Jesus said, "When you pray..." The inference is that we are to be praying.  Paul admonished us to "Pray without ceasing." To some, it is an overwhelming task to pray at all, much less without ceasing!

Our prayer life is a reflection of our relationship with God.  When the relationship is shallow and superficial, so are our prayers.  They seem to be a grocery list of what we need or want and they are often offered out of a sense of duty rather than intimacy.

When our relationship with God is transparent, trusting and intimate, so are our prayers.  These prayers are much like talking with your best friend, sharing the triumphs, defeats, fears and joys of the day.  It is an opportunity to thank the One who has given us the gifts of life and health for another day. 

Prayer and meditation are the foundations of our relationship with Christ.  It is through prayer that He gets to know us, and through meditation that we get to know Him. 

As we begin a new year, may we resolve to be more committed to our prayer lives and deepening our relationship with the Creator.  We mustn't allow our "busyness" to keep us from the commitment of deepening our relationship with God or our family and friends.

Time is the one equal gift given to all who make it through the day.  Our relationship with God (which mirrors our prayer life) depends upon how we invest that time each day.  Are your investments with God  growing or dwindling due to lack of attention?  It's a new year.  Why not commit to a deeper prayer life in 2009?