Sex God - Angels & Animals

We have already established that any relationship between two people is based on our sexuality.  And, as in every area of our lives, that relationship can be misused or abused.

Today, we want to examine how misusing our sexuality can lead to us acting like an animal or an angel.  If we deny our spirituality, we end up acting out like an animal.  Sex becomes merely an action and people become objects to be used.

On the other hand, if we deny our sensuality, we end up trying to behave as an angel, or one who has no sexuality.  We close ourselves to deeper relationships and become almost an island unto ourselves.

The truth is that neither condition is God's desired relationship for us because either condition denies the God-created sexuality and cripples an intimate and healthy relationship with another human being.

Love is about giving.  In God's plan for sexuality, love means giving up control and giving up power.  The only way two people can move beyond a superficial relationship is for both people to give control to the other and relinquish power to the other.

Love is about taking risks.  It's about giving your heart to someone with the chance that they will hand it back because they don't want it.  We have all had a failed friendship or relationship because the other person didn't want to be with us anymore.  And it hurt!  A broken heart is what songs are made of.  It is the fuel for alcohol, depression and self-loathing.  We took a risk and it blew up in our faces.

Two thousand years ago, God took a risk in giving us His son, heaven's best.  His name was Jesus.  And Jesus takes the same risk every day when He offers the possibility to experience an intimate relationship with Him.  Not an animal or angel relationship because we were created in the image of God and in that image He seeks to have a relationship.