Sex God

Sex and God.  They are not usually found in the same sentence.  In fact, in most religious circles the topics of sex and God are not compatible.  And yet, God created secuality.  But man has distored what God has created and found ways to pervert it.

The Bible teaches that we were created in the image of God.  The Hebrew word for image is interpreted to mean reflection.  So in our living, we are to reflect our Creator.  In all that we do, we are to be reflectors of our Creator.

The fact of the matter is that sexuality is built into the DNA of every human being.  All of our relationships are based on sexuality.  No, we're not talking about the kind of "sex" that is written on bathroom walls, but the kind of sexuality the God created and intended.

We, as a race, have become disconnected.  We have this void within us that we try, in vain, to fill or be distracted from.  It is a painful emptiness that we medicate, humiliate, and eventually, annihilate through abuse.

Generally, this thing that's going on in our lives is really about that thing.  Something much deeper.  Something behind it all.  And that will eventually take us to the One in whose image we were created.

God's secuality reconnects us who have become beaten down and disconnected from each other and from life.  We reconnect with God, each other, and with nature.

So check it out: sex is a spiritual topic and should be addressed in church!  And that is what we are going to do over the next few weeks!  Stay tuned...