Sabbath, a Devine Dimension

I was going to title this message, Sabbath, a 4thDimension.  I liked it, it has a nice play on four being the fourth commandment, but I began to research the 4th dimension and came to a realization that through string therory, don't ask me to explain that, the universe could have as many as 26 dimensions.  This helped me see how putting a number on the dimension of God is futile no matter how big we make the number.  Then in a discussion with my friend Jerry Hines he suggested Sabbath, a Devine Dimension.  My wife overheard our conversation and liked the title and that is the end of the story.

This topic is the result of a discussion I had this week with Caleb and Debbie Biggs about the Sabbath.  The title conveys the idea that the Sabbath is a rest modeled after God's rest and cannot be experienced as commandment but must be responded to as an invitation.  Entering the Divine Dimension is always the result of an invitation because it is incongruent for God to command our participation.  Commanding rest is impossible.  Have you ever told an enxious person to chill, let it go, or just relax?  Better yet have you ever been given this prescription?  Nevertheless, much of our Sabbath experience is to a command.  So, if God made Sabbath for man and it is an invitation to rest with him, what does that mean?  How do we do that?  How is this good news?  It's all in the Dimension!?