Revelation of God as Liberator

Last week we experienced the Revelation of God through creation.  This week we look at the Revelation of His character through Liberation.  God was, and is, the Liberator of all who find themselves enslaved or in captivity.

Exodus tells the account of the Children of Israel finding themselves enslaved in the kingdom of Egypt. Their pleading with God is heard and God moves to liberate them.  His liberation is not instant, but rather is a process.  He ultimately frees 600,000+ Israelites and leads them toward the Promised Land.

The fact is that about every 40 years, Israel was off flirting with false gods and would then find themselves being taken into captivity again.  God worked with them in captivity until He could once again liberate them.

God, the Creator, became God, the Liberator.  He met the people where they were culturally and led them to freedom.  The fact that He did this scores of times proves His long-suffering attitude towards His people.  Every time the people came to their senses, God was there to liberate them.

He is the same today.  When we find ourselves captive to some sort of abuse of our mind or body, He is there to liberate us and give back our freedom.  And that creates greater risk for God because we have the freedom to reject His love and offer of freedom, and instead choose to be enslaved to our bodies.

The strongest cords of captivity come from our doubt.  Romans 14:23 tells us "whatever is not of faith is sin." The enemy would have us be enslaved to our doubts.  But, praise be to God, He has called us His "chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, people who belong to God.  You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God, who called you out of darkness into his mavelous light." 1st Peter 2:9