Light of the World

Someone once said that "Without darkness, there would be no light."  That may, or may not be true but I know this, without light, there will be darkness!

Darkness is the element which led to night-lights for children, landing lights for aircraft, outside lights for safety and security, candle light for ambiance, and sunlight for health and sanity!  Light brings reality into our vision.

So it is spiritually.  Satan is referred to as the Prince of Darkness.  His intent is to keep humanity "in the dark" concerning God's character and love.  Many of his antics are carried out under the cover of darkness.

Then there is Jesus, The Light of the World, Jesus came to bring reality into focus concerning the Father.  He stated several times that He and the Father were one.  If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.

But there is more.  Jesus not only came to create light in a dark world, He came to solicit help -- coworkers, if you would.  That's where you and I come in.

The darker the world, the brighter the light shines!  Light despels fear which is the basis of darkness.  We live in fearful times.  Many are living in fear and darkness.  What the world needs now, if light.  His light.  Your light.  Let your light shine and it will attract those who are living in fear.  You can be a lighthouse in troubled water.

It all starts with a smile -- a smile that lights up a room with a love that warms a heart!  It begins with you!