Let's Stop Playing Church!

The challenge has been issued by generations X and Y: “Stop playing church and get real!”  Kind of sounds like us back in the 60s, doesn’t it?  Whatever happened to our “get real” message and philosophy?  A better question is, “Why are we being told the same thing we told our parents? 

I don’t know about you, but I am listening! It was such comments from our own children that inspired Anita and me to become involved with the planting of WindWorks Fellowship.  I appreciate the call back to reality!

Last week was uncomfortable because we were forced to look in the mirror and see who we were concerning some real social and spiritual issues.  I’m asking you to do the same thing this week.  I’m challenging you to “get real,” maybe for the first time. I’m challenging all of us to stop playing church and focus on being Christ-followers. 

How?  It’s messy!  It’s inconvenient!  It’s costly!  It messes with your head, heart, and wallet!  The immediate return for your investment is minimal, but the long-term return is awesome! 

Once you experience “real” you will begin to “feel” the “deal” like never before. Life will take you where you have never been before.  And when this happens to you, it will happen to the church – the Christ followers you associate with.  And when it happens to the church – it will happen to our community, Western Washington; All because you decide to quit playing and get real!