Kingdom Building

Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus?  Both I hope.  Wouldn't you buy a ticket to hear Him speak?  Of course you would  Wouldn't you rush to a TV to watch Him heal sick people?  Does it take two to Tango?  You would certainly follow Him on Twitter.  And you would buy any publication He would author.  What is a fan, if not someone who connects with their object whenever possible.  But Jesus isn't building a fan base.  He is not drawing people to a website in order to sell advertising.  Jesus is building a Kingdom.

Was Jesus looking for people who would simply walk with him all over Israel?  Or was there something about the nature of the Kingdom he was building that made following more than simply being in his physical presence?  If we look at some of the people that invited themselves to follow Jesus and how He responded to them we get a completely different picture of what it means to follow Jesus.  This we can all agree on if we are following Jesus today we are building the Kingdom of God!