It's the End of the Year, As We Know It!

New Year's Eve, 2011.  The end of another year.  Too late to add tro your list of accomplishments.  Time to get those resolutions lined up and ready to roll!

Every year at this time we look forward to the New Year, full of anticipation and wonder at what a new year might bring.  And every year we haul last year's baggage along with us into the New Year.  We can't seem to leave the past behind us and embrace the "new" opportunities a new year brings.

We have all faced challenges, obstacles, wins and losses this past year.  While it is true that those experiences have helped mold who we are, they will not sustain defining who we are.  If King David had not gotten past the adultery and murder, he would never have been proclaimed as a man after God's own heart.  If Peter had not gotten past the denial he would never have become the pillar of the early Christian church.

In the same way, if we don't get past our victories and failures in 2011, we are destined to remain there, in failure or living past victories while denying ourselves the chance for newer, greater victories and fewer failures.

It's time to leave 2011 behind , and with it, all that made it.  It's time to embrace 2012, and continue the journey God had called us to in the best way we can, with love.  The one eternal truth is that love is the compass that guides our steps.  If we walk in love we will never be alone or lost.  As long as we see His face, feel His presence, and trust in Him, our journey will take us to our destination.