Gracious Judgement?

Pray for me, please!  I have spent 2 weeks getting over disease and/or recovering from injurires and now I am going to talk with you about not one topic, not even two topics, but three topics at the same time.  to make it even more challenging all three topics are each BIG SUBJECTS. Death, what happens when we die?  Hell, is it really what we have heard it is?  And finally, judgment.  Forgive the pun.  And to make this an even heavier lift, I am giving this message as part of a series titled Doctrines of Grace.  You ould be thinking, "Have you lost your mind?"  The answer to that question is already settled for many of usso let's just move on while my ceaseless search for it continues.

I am titling this message Gracious Judgment.  Most of us have been taught that God's judgment is a terrible thing not to be a believer in Jesus meant accepting Jesus as our saviour so that we could get through God's judgment.  We were told that if we had faith that Jesus had paid the penalty for our sins and we asked Him to forgive us of our sins that when we came before Go in the final judgment that he would not judge us because our names were in the lamb's book of life.  The idea we may have been taught is that no one gets through God's final judgment because it will condemn all people for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Is this really true?  Does the Bible really teach this?  Do you believe God has some deep seated need to balance our offenses with some kind of final payback?  Is that whal hell is, God's final settling of the score and vindication?  Is this how God wins?  Or is God so outrageously loving that even his judgment is gracious?