Grace is NOT Fair!

I remember lining up to choose teams at recess back when I was in elementary school.  Because I was a "late-bloomer," I usually found myself as one of the latter picks.  The picks were based upon previous performances.

My classroom experience was much the same.  My late blooming made a 4.0 GPA much more challenging.  I was being measured by how much information I could retain, as well as understanding certain algorithms in math.

Since I can remember, as a student, an athlete, and a professional, I have been evaluated on my performane.  Grace is defined as: approval, favor, mercy, and pardon.  That is rarely bestowed upon those who do not perform well.  It is, in our culture, determined that it is "fair" for those who "earn" their position, title, or wealth.

Along with "earning" our position in life, we have learned a sense of fairness--that is, it is fair if you earned it, and the unfairness of not earning it and just having it given to you.

This is where our definition of "fairness" comes into conflict with God's definition.  We look at God's definition of fairness and say, That's not fair!  And I am here today to tell you, Thank God, it's NOT fair!  It is our only hope of eternal life.  God says, My grace is enough!  and You are saved by grace, and not of yourselves.  It is a gift from God!  No amount of money, athletic ability, or IQ test is going to pay the price that Jesus did.  And that's why the One who paid can give it away!