Enlarge My Territory

Such a short prayer, tucked away in some of the most mundane portions of scripture, the genealogy of Abraham thru Saul.  What is the big deal with this little prayer?  Why all the fuss over so few words?  How can something so small get such big results?  And do you mean to tell me that if I pray this prayer I will get results?  Is there magic in them there words?
Not only do I believe you will get results if you pray this little prayer, but I believe that you will get results even if you make it shorter.  If you can pray, Lord, enlarge my territory, like Jabez prayed, you will see the work of God in very powerful ways in your life.  But it is not magic.  It is simply God doing what he is already doing in your life in a more noticeable way.  The words are not like a combination that opens a lock.  The words in Jabez's prayer were born out of an intense internal experience that enlarged God in Jabez's life to epoch proportions.
The good news in this, the same God is at work in you offering to enlarge himself in your life to epoch proportions, He is giving birth to your own prayer of Jabez.  He is writing the book The Prayer of (your name).  And he will have a sequel, Beyond (your name).  He is Enlarging Your Territory.