Connected with Christ Followers

Why go to church?  Why "hang out" with Christians or attend small groups?  What is the value, or purpose in being "connected" with Christ followers?  The Word puts it this way: Two are better than one...and you are the body of Christ, and each of you is a part of it. 

There are a couple of observations to be made from these two scriptures.  First, you are stronger, smarter, and safer with another along your life's journey.  Secondly, you are the part of something bigger than yourself.

Have you ever had an experience where someone helped you during a challenging time in your life?  How about even helping change a tire?  Or the oil?  If som, then you know from first hand experience how important it is to have someone who's "got your back!"

Perhaps you know of someone who has lost a body part.  Maybe a Veteran who lost a limb in war.  Or one who's eyesight was lost.  The body will still function and will often compensate for the loss, but the body is never the same after the loss.  Paralysis creates the same sense of loss.

Here's how it all makes sense in the world of connection.  Healthy people are going to connect with others - it's how we were made, with the need to connect to other people.  When you connect, you form a team, or a "body" that holds the same purpose, vision, and goals.  A team, or body can do much more than an individual.  When a part of the team/body goes missing, the rest of the team/body suffers, and that is what few people really realize, that is, how important their presence is to the rest of the team/body.  We are the body and we need every part of this body to be healthy and connected!