Connected with God

Since its conception, one of the key components of WindWorks Fellowship has been the desire to connect with God and others.  We are continually seeking a deeper connection with God and new friends.  It is the way we have been wired, or created.  We were made to "connect."  Because this is such a core value, we have decided to make "Connection" our theme for 2010.  Today we begin a five-part series dealing with connectedness.  We will discover that we are connected in many different ways, whether or not we like it or accept it.

We are connected to God, ourselves, His community of faith, humanity, and to the earth.  There's no getting away from four of the five connections.  The only optional connection is the connection to His community of faith.

Today, we will examine our connection with God.  If you are breathing, you are connected to God.  If you enjoy the sunshine or rain, you are connected to God.  If the song of a bird, the croak of a frog, or the laughter of a child grabs your attention, you are connected to God.  The Bible states that "every good thing is from the Father."  If there is good in your life, you are experiencing a connection to God.  The truth of the matter is that you were connected to God before you were even conceived.  The Bible tells us that He knew you before you were formed in the womb.  We can ignore or pretend that the connection does not exist, but it doesn't change the fact.

We connect with God through our thoughts, our praise, our appreciation, and our worship.  We also connect with God through His second book, nature.  Though our connection with God was severed in the Garden of Eden, history is filled with details of all God has done to restore the connection.  And the "connection" will last through eternity!  Not even death can sever it!  Now, that's a connection!